Workforce Accelerator

Accelerate Productivity. Accelerate Retention. Accelerate Profitability.

Tangram Workforce Accelerator is an unrivaled employment-matching database that runs on our specially developed proprietary technology.

Our unique algorithms connect your business to a nationwide pool of committed and qualified individuals with disabilities, including U.S. military veterans, who are ready to fill your company’s open positions.

Companies using the Workforce Accelerator and our other customized solutions for disability inclusion can experience jumps in revenue, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction and retention.

"Workforce Accelerator is user-friendly technology, administered by knowledgeable and professional staff that meets our unique hiring demands in real time." -Cyndi O'Bannon, Disability Consultant and Program Director, APSE

To take advantage of Tangram Workforce Accelerator, e-mail us at or call (317) 968-9024